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baaaaad bags....

i recently committed handbag heresy. i have been obsessed with LOOP NYC bags ever since i discovered  one slyly hidden on the back rack at TJMaxx two years ago and have been a loyal LOOP buyer ever since. i love that people stop me in stores
and at functions to complement how original they are.
Covered in fringe, appliques, and always made in funky colors,
i just hadn’t seen any other bags i would rather have, until i found a beautiful leather nina bossi shoulder bag.


it looks a whole lot like the donnybrook shoulderbag from anthropologie,
and i had to have it. i mean...had to. i love that the leather is soft and feels worn in. I was turned on to this bag's shape/style when i saw these shoulder bags
 made from old motorcycle  jackets by ashley watson.


How cool are these??
Notice how all of them are different. my
favorites are the ones with crooked zippers and
diagonal pockets... and when you FEEL one...’s like having a bag made out of


unfortunately, they don’t carry THESE at TJMaxx and Loop doesn’t really make anything this understated. Even though they’re reasonably priced, my grad student self can’t afford an ashley watson at the moment...but ohiwishicould. Go to her website for a list of stores that carry these works of art or contact her yourself... but word on the street is that these bags are in such high demand that the canadian artist is hard to get a hold of.

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