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urban awesomeness...

i don’t like headboards. ok, not true...but i
just haven’t found one worth having yet. in
the meantime, i’m thinking of using one of the
 new wall decals from urban outfitters.


 if i didn’t live in an oh-so-boring gated
community white apartment box, then i’d just
 paint some birds above my head and be
done with it, but somehow i think that would
 cost me my deposit...either way, these decals look really cool and definitely win points for being temporary!  (think: re-movable and re-usable)


apparently u.o. thinks that chandeliers are so hot right now, because they also have this 3-d one on their website. it comes in black, white, and woodgrain.  obv. not as lovely as a real chandelier, but not a bad way to replace the tacky frosted glass one that your
landlord put in.